INA membership is open to those who are involved with the in-home child care industry including nannies, nanny employers, nanny placement agency owners (and staff), nanny educators and providers of special services related to the nanny industry. INA offers two types of membership categories, with different dues and benefits. Review the membership categories below to determine which category is right for you.

**Please Note:
  • Individuals, organizations, agencies and other businesses can become MEMBERS of our association. However, membership in the INA does NOT certify, approve, accept, sanction, credential, accredit, endorse, license, or authorized you in any way.
  • INA membership will in no way help individuals obtain a visa to the US or any other country nor will it help companies gain a visa or immigration for their nannies to another country
  • Organizations and agencies are prohibited from awarding certificates to any individual who has completed the INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment or INA Nanny Credential Exam. Completing either exam does NOT provide any individual with an automatic membership to INA.
  • Anyone found to be participating in any of the actions above, whether through verbal conversation, through advertising, or any other way will be removed from the INA membership. INA indemnifies itself from any legal proceedings based on a member’s wrongdoing.

Choose Your PACKAGE

All new members must complete one-year as an Associate Member. During this year, they will receive a unique Associate Member Logo and discounted registration to our Annual Conference. Associate members also have access to our INA Member Portal and all the publications, educational videos and content therein.

Associate Membership

$700 / Year
  • Use of INA Member Logo: Yes
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Individual Membership

$67 / Year
  • Use of INA Member Logo: No
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